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World of Warcraft’s in-game calendar was added in patch 3.0.2 on October 14th, 2008. In the nearly 10 years it’s been in-game not many changes have been made to update its features or functionality. I’m going to take a quick look at its current features and then discuss changes I’d make to improve this useful planning feature.

In-game Calendar Current

World of Warcraft's in game calendar and events.

World of Warcraft’s in-game calendar and events.

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How I’d update World of Warcraft’s Guild Finder

As a guild leader, and occasionally unguilded alt, I’ve had my share of frustration with World of Warcraft’s in-game Guild Finder tool. Added all the way back in patch 4.1 (4.26.2011) during Cataclysm, the Guild Finder hasn’t been updated or changed in almost 7 years. I was excited when they announced new social features during this years BlizzCon.

While the few images they showed made it look like a Discord clone, I’m hoping that’s not the case. I took some time to make a mock-up of changes I hope they add, but first I want to look at the Guild Finder as it is and what its current shortcomings are.

Guilds – Current

The current guild finder is accessible to guild leaders and members of a set rank. It consists of two panels, the recruitment panel, and the requests panel, both being tabs in the Guild Info panel.

The recruitment panel consists of a few check-boxes and a small text box. Officers are able to check boxes for:

  • Interests (questing, dungeons, raids, pvp or roleplaying),
  • Availability (weekends or weekdays),
  • Class roles (tanking, healing or damage)
  • Level (any or max).

They are then able to add a small amount of text about their guild, limited to around a paragraph. Below is a sample of the recruitment panel.

Battle Stag Go!

I’m almost through with week two of class. I’m not sure, but I’m feeling a bit, I’m not sure how to word it. Like I’m not doing as good as I want. Our first project is a music poster and I’ve tried to step away from my style for a bit. My thumbnails had a lot of energy that I just don’t feel I’ve been able to translate into the bigger line drawing. I’ve already turned it in, but I’ve drawn at least two more since. I even drew ond in my usual style. It looked like I forgot how to draw. >.<

I know I’m going back to school to improve, I just hope I’ll be able to get past this feeling of being terrible. (I’d post the scans, but they’re icky.)

I’ve also gotta buckle down and try to work ahead a bit. Mists comes out in three days and I want to play!! My husband and I ran Theramore with our druid buddy. Three druid scenario go! The hillarity of a moonkin riding battle stag was probably better than the scenario, but we had fun. If only he could moonfire while riding, it would be perfect. I forgot to take a screen shot 🙁

WoW Wednesday

I’ve been crazy busy the last few months and I figured I kinda need to actually update my blog more, so I’m going to try something new. Words!

First, a bit about what’s been going on. I’ve been working on getting my portfolio together for my masters application and got the good news that I’ve been accepted. I start working towards a Masters in Illustration at SCAD September 10th. I’m very nervous and excited. But I figure this is the next logical step for me. I’ve been working at a college for the last 5 years and having a masters would help me both there and in the freelance world, or at least help my confidence.

This date happens to be exactly 15 days before the 4th WoW expansion is released. A few of you may have guessed I play a bit, not like the fanarts or article gave that away XD My husband and I are very much looking forward to it. My main of course will still be a bear tank, but now I can also have a (panda) bear tank. And I can finally fish in bear form, still not as a druid, but it’s a step closer. I mean if moonkins can ride mechanostryders, I, as a bear, should be able to fish, with a fishing pole, in bear form.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at in this rambly post is that I’m going to start posting what I feel like. I never really want to put anything up here unless it’s polished art, or sketches that are really cleaned up and that’s why I haven’t updated anything in about 3 or 4 months. So I’m going to try and write about WoW and maybe post some sketch cards and possibly some college work, if it’s cool and then at least my blog won’t be so lonely. That and of course the random other usual stuff I post occasionally.