Of Masters and Account-wide mounts

I know, I’m the worst at updating. It’s hard for me to post when I don’t really feel like what I have to say is important, not like this is really either. I guess that’s the same reason I don’t update Twitter often either. I could post quite often about changing my socks or whatever, but who’d wanna read that. I also haven’t done a lot of new art lately, with the exception of the most recent commission I’ve completed, a whole lot of nothing.

That’s about to change, though. I start working on my Masters on Monday (officially), but I’ve started doing classwork already. I don’t know if I’m going to share the things I’ll be doing in class, but I’m super excited about the whole thing. In one of my classes, it looks like we’ll be doing most of our work with acrylics and watercolors, so I’m hoping to learn a few new techniques with both.

In more geeky news, I’ve been having a bit of fun with the new WoW patch. Nothing quite so awesome as account wide mounts. I decided that I would finally get Anzu before the expansion, with more than one chance a day. If I had won him on an alt before the change, I would have been upset, so I only tried on my druid. I’d been soloing him since I had enough t7 to not die. And so last Thursday, after days of re-talenting, I prepared for the first night of many.

First I tried on my Druid, getting the dagger once again. Then on my Rogue, stealth makes things so much easier. And finally on my Pally, pulling half the instance, killing, aoe looting (also awesome) and the second half. It took forever to kill him as prot, I’m not even sure I’d taken the time to figure out the proper rotation. And when I looted I think I just about died of shock. After four years, there on the loot screen, was the mount. I learned it, hearthed and switched to my druid.

meebles and anzu

I then spent the next couple of minutes riding around in my t11 blue-wing transmog with my new buddy Anzu. I’m really happy that you can’t fly in the expansion until level 90, now I have more excuses to explore Pandaria with The Raven Lord, who is strangely a flightless bird.

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