Tiny Prints of Zodiac series

I spent a little time last night working on making some smaller prints to send to an art show. I decided to try and send some tiny ones because they are a little less expensive to make and to sell. I also haven’t really sent any of my digital work to shows as prints yet, so I wanted to see how that goes.

I was able to print them out two at a time on my usual paper and then worked on trimming each print down to 5″x7″ (These images are a bit different from the ones in my gallery because I had to resize them in Illustrator before hand, sadly 8″x10″ is not the same aspect ratio >.< )

I printed out 10 of each for a total of 60. Once cut I signed the back and bagged and boarded each. I just need to finish printing out the labels and they are ready to go.

Now to figure out what originals I’m sending to the show.

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