Commission Work in Progress

I recently did a commission for a guild mate and thought I’d share the process here. I don’t normally keep my WiP images, but did this time.

The commissioner originally asked for just a sketch. He wanted a picture of his night elf druid asleep in the arms of an ancient of lore. I sent him this sketch.

He replied that he like the sketch and would like it in color, the only changes being that he would like to see the ancients lanterns in the picture and gave me this link to a reference pic: Ancient of Lore. I realized I used the wrong ancient and fixed his face also.

After finishing the flats on the ancient, I blocked in the character for reference and sent a progress picture of that. He thought the ancients barks looked a little to close to skin color, but otherwise good.

I darkened the ancients bark and did the flats on the character. The belt is gray scale because he got a new belt since I did the sketch and it updated in the WoW armory, so I no longer had a reference.

I fixed the belt and made it look like the current one, finished the highlights and shadows, added a few wisps and finished the background, although most of it is taken up by the ancient.

He liked the finished image, so I was done. I didn’t take any pictures of the print, but it looked like a print. Anyway, there is the whole commission process.


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