How to use Pinterest to plan illustrations

For the longest time, I’ve kept a folder called something like References when I’m working on bigger illustration projects. As you can imagine this folder is full of images of inspiration, reference, poses, etc and taking up an unimaginable amount of space on my computer. This was until I learned I could use Pinterest in the same way. I’m going to show you an easy way to set-up a reference board on Pinterest to help you plan your Illustrations a bit better.

Create a Board

I’m going to assume you already have an account set-up – if not,

Battle Stag Go!

I’m almost through with week two of class. I’m not sure, but I’m feeling a bit, I’m not sure how to word it. Like I’m not doing as good as I want. Our first project is a music poster and I’ve tried to step away from my style for a bit. My thumbnails had a lot of energy that I just don’t feel I’ve been able to translate into the bigger line drawing. I’ve already turned it in, but I’ve drawn at least two more since. I even drew ond in my usual style. It looked like I forgot how to draw. >.<

I know I’m going back to school to improve, I just hope I’ll be able to get past this feeling of being terrible. (I’d post the scans, but they’re icky.)

I’ve also gotta buckle down and try to work ahead a bit. Mists comes out in three days and I want to play!! My husband and I ran Theramore with our druid buddy. Three druid scenario go! The hillarity of a moonkin riding battle stag was probably better than the scenario, but we had fun. If only he could moonfire while riding, it would be perfect. I forgot to take a screen shot 🙁