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World of Warcraft’s in-game calendar was added in patch 3.0.2 on October 14th, 2008. In the nearly 10 years it’s been in-game not many changes have been made to update its features or functionality. I’m going to take a quick look at its current features and then discuss changes I’d make to improve this useful planning feature.

In-game Calendar Current

World of Warcraft's in game calendar and events.

World of Warcraft’s in-game calendar and events.

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How I’d update World of Warcraft’s Guild Finder

As a guild leader, and occasionally unguilded alt, I’ve had my share of frustration with World of Warcraft’s in-game Guild Finder tool. Added all the way back in patch 4.1 (4.26.2011) during Cataclysm, the Guild Finder hasn’t been updated or changed in almost 7 years. I was excited when they announced new social features during this years BlizzCon.

While the few images they showed made it look like a Discord clone, I’m hoping that’s not the case. I took some time to make a mock-up of changes I hope they add, but first I want to look at the Guild Finder as it is and what its current shortcomings are.

Guilds – Current

The current guild finder is accessible to guild leaders and members of a set rank. It consists of two panels, the recruitment panel, and the requests panel, both being tabs in the Guild Info panel.

The recruitment panel consists of a few check-boxes and a small text box. Officers are able to check boxes for:

  • Interests (questing, dungeons, raids, pvp or roleplaying),
  • Availability (weekends or weekdays),
  • Class roles (tanking, healing or damage)
  • Level (any or max).

They are then able to add a small amount of text about their guild, limited to around a paragraph. Below is a sample of the recruitment panel.